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You’ll have fun on your bum.

Standing up in the bath.
Oh you think that’s a laugh.
Hmm, except when you fall
That’s not funny at all.

Why you could hit your head,
That fills mummy with dread.
Save us the ouch and tears
And stop mummy’s worst fears.

Sit down nicely and play,
That is the safest way.
You’ll have fun on your bum.
I’ll be a happy mum.
You’ll have fun on your bum. I’ll be a happy mum. Share on X
Mama Grace

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  1. I love the way you talk to your daughter through your poetry. I’ve just scrolled down and read all the posts to here – I can relate to so many – the green crust, car seat, standing in the bath. Such beautiful little stories and how lovely it will be for your daughter to look back and read these when she is older and then again when she has children of her own. Beautiful <3 Thank you for joining us at #GlobalBlogging as that is how I came across your page xx

    • Thanks so much Lucy! I’m pleased to know I’m not the only one. I’m new to all this but the blogging community is awesome and I love that there’s a sharing of global experiences through #GlobalBlogging it’s funny that no matter where you are parenthood replicates scenarios.

    • I haven’t had that yet…I do get the shower hose (if that’s what you call it) though. It’s a mummy maze every day.

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