For when you learn to love time in the air.

Flying somewhere, it could be so much fun.
Except when you’ve got kids and you’re a mum.
I’d watch a movie and let time fly by
But I’ve no chance, I try, until you cry.

I’m not selfish, there’s nothing I can do,
We’re stuck in a floating room with a loo.
They serve food and drinks, and try to entertain
But for safety, in your seat you must remain.

I used to glide along to my own happy song,
Now I’m juggling objects to find what’s wrong.
Take off and landing, your ears don’t understand.
Flying solo, I’m a boat going down, unmanned.

It can be fun staying in one small space;
I long for a book or film to embrace.
But this seems a long distance love affair,
For when you learn to love time in the air.

Mama Grace

19 thoughts on “For when you learn to love time in the air.

  1. To be fair, I’ve never enjoyed flying, either with or without kids! I’ve been lucky with the four flights we’ve taken our son on so far – they’ve not been anywhere near as bad as I’d built them up to be in my mind. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

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  2. Fun poem, though I know fun is hardly the word sometimes when flying with little ones. But it does get easier I promise. My three love it now, mind you the ipads help quite a lot! #globalblogging


  3. I don’t enjoy flying at all, especially not with kids. I’m glad we have the option just don’t sign me up for multiple cross country trips in a row:)


  4. twotinyhands

    A solo flying trip with kids to me does not sound relaxing. Flying with kids for me is a long way off! Love your rhyme. ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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  5. Ha what a clever poem that is amazing! Flying room with a loo…had me crying. I am terrified of flying without taking my son but he regularly goes to his dads house in Spain so apparently flies better than me, I am the one crying usually! #stayclassymama

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