Ending with Grace

I did a lot of work on endings when I was teaching and now I will be doing this with Grace. There will be many, I’m sure, as we move and travel around a lot but soon our security company will change and she will not see some of the people who she has grown to love. So this is for her.

Our time has now come to an end,
Know that you were the sweetest friend
And nothing is taken away
Or clouds over our brightest day.
I will have a picture of you,
I hope you remember me too.
The time we had made a mark,
That floods me with light in the dark.
The living patterns that we make,
Will not shatter or ever break.
They are a fluid memory,
That will not be washed out to sea.
Instead we’re stored in each other
Forever making us stronger.

Mama Grace

25 thoughts on “Ending with Grace

  1. It’s such a difficult concept to grasp for children isn’t it? It has broken my heart trying to explain endings to our two. This is such a beautiful way to help them process the emotions. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x


  2. Beautifully written poem! I often wondered when my kids were smaller if and how much they would remember the people they met, especially their extended family as we didn’t live near any relatives (and still don’t).

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  3. Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...

    Beautiful poem. My children finished preschool and infant school and I hope the memories are stored happily away to cherish later #globalblogging

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