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This Mum is on Fire

It was an exciting challenge to be given the words of new mums and collaborate for the documentary ‘First Time Mum’, in order to write a poem that encapsulated their experiences. After being given an email, where each mum wrote their experience down, I ended up using a version of blackout poetry, as a stepping stone to expose the essence of what they’ve been through. After blacking out everything but the keywords, I proceeded to weave every word into the poem. This cleared the way to write ‘This Mum is on Fire’. This is something new to me but I feel that their experiences of being a new mum were retained and even heightened.

First Time Mum Screening
Poem and blackout poetry displayed at ‘First Time Mum’ documentary screening.

Swaddle me tightly now and wrap me up, I want the ease of drinking from a sippy cup. Click To Tweet
Swaddle me tightly now and wrap me up,
I want the ease of drinking from a sippy cup.
Please let me sit here and figure it out,
It needs to be my journey, otherwise there’s doubt.
Doubt doesn’t sleep and it’s fed when you’re a mum,
So your advice is feeding the background hum.
My desire to be a great mum is here.
My focused steps are adapting with fear,
That what I lack will affect my baby’s life.
I would cut out the bad with a C-section Knife
But as we know that’s a hard delivery too,
So the formula will be learn as you do.
Yes, I’m not prepared and still surviving
And despite the pressure my baby is thriving.
So I will struggle for my own solution,
My house works on my own smug pollution.
I’ll pump my family home as I desire.
It’s all consuming but this mum is on fire.
It’s not automatic and it may lack support
But I have more value, when I don’t import.
I’ll take your advice but give it up if need be,
Like breastfeeding I’ll do what’s right for me.
Before, my confidence had been loosing weight.
The emotional toll meant I couldn’t think straight.
Now I may feel guilty and the pain is mine
And I’ll reach out to my group, my network and whine
Because issues will rise and perceptions will fall
But by bedtime (mine), I’ll have coped with it all.
Because issues will rise and perceptions will fall But by bedtime (mine) I’ll have coped with it all. Click To Tweet

Mama Grace

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  1. Wonderful. You have done their stories justice.

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      Thank you

  2. This is brilliant! And so true about doubt. It never sleeps and I don’t think it ever does not matter how old your babies are.

  3. Mama Grace, well said! I’m not a poet, so I really admire the way you have captured the essence of the experiences of multiple mums into a single piece.

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      Thank you

  4. Jen Jen

    I totally get this. Heartfelt words indeed.

  5. What a poignant poem. Beautiful. #coolmumclub

  6. MMT MMT

    A beautifully articulated summation of motherhood – and all it’s ups and downs…
    Thank you so much for linking to #coolmumclub

  7. Oh yes, very much the feelings of a new mum and so beautifully written. Well done, I love it.

  8. Lovely words and what a clever way to bring together ideas from lots of people’s experiences #sharingthebloglove

  9. A very relatable poem. The last 2 lines of the poem are particularly poignant. #fridayfrolics

  10. Your writing is captivating #PoCoLo

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      Thank you!

  11. WOW! What a wonderful job! That really brings back to me what it was like to be a first time mother.

  12. You are a genius! I don’t how you do it. I love this. This line Swaddle me tightly now and wrap me up,
    I want the ease of drinking from a sippy cup. is brilliant! #fridayfrolics

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      Thanks! I loved that too.

  13. Such a lovely poem 🙂 #PoCoLo

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      Thank you.

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes


  14. well done, I love poetry and wish I were better at it, this really shows the essence of motherhood Thanks so much for linking up with us #ablogginggoodtime

  15. A beautiful poem so very true Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  16. Love this! Really captures what it is to be a new mum beautifully.
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

  17. Oh to be swaddled! Beautiful again, from #triumphanttales xoxo

  18. Back for another read (this time I read it to my Mrs.) and sending love from #FabFridayPost xoxo

  19. I love that last line – so so true. No matter what is thrown at us throughout the day, when bedtime comes we have dealt with it all 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      We certainly have.

  20. I haven’t come across black out poetry but it looks like such a brilliant way to focus and highlight a story and turn it into a poem. I think you’ve pieced together an excellent all encompassing poem and the last two lines in particular sum up motherhood so perfectly. You’re incredibly talented! Thanks for linking this to #DreamTeam x

    • bardsforbabes bardsforbabes

      Thank You!

  21. This is a very clever way to create the poem! I love how you’ve perfectly summarised parenthood in one piece!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow!

  22. Beautiful – you had me at “Doubt doesn’t sleep and it’s fed when you’re a mum”. It’s just spot on. I think every mum out there can relate to this, it really captures that first time mum experience so well. Thanks so much for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  23. Amazing words. Really well done Mama Grace. Sarah #FabFridayPost

  24. Aww – that’s lovely! Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

  25. What a beautiful poem and bang on the stop. It is so very true in every sense. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful poem with us on #FabFridayPost xx

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