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Mama Grace was the name I was given as soon as I had my daughter, Grace. Kenyans told me that this is how I would now be known. Taking on her name seems apt now; she’s where most of my focus goes. I’d left London for Nairobi to have our baby and we continue to roam back, forth and around. I paused my acting career; my stage name and became a new creator. So the focus has changed and as we travel acting opportunities are harder to access but creativity remains a must. I hope that my creativity will continue to bring happiness to my life and my families.

Bards for Babes was born by having fun with poetry, whilst doing daily tasks with my daughter. I don’t know whom it helped more, her or me! Sometimes it would be a quick rhyme. I’d find her eyebrows were green, even though I’d given them a clean, the power of avocado. ‘Oh dear, look at Grace, your face is a disgrace!’ However, now there are all sorts of poems that we share and they brighten our day, whether I’m using them to stop her putting her hand in her own pooh or as a poem that helps her better understand an issue, they are ours and we love them.

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Bards for Babes by Mama Grace