Medela Nipple Shield

Medela nipple shield you’ve allowed me to feed,
Pulling my flat nipples to meet my baby’s need.
I nearly gave up hope until you came along,
She’s now sat at them, for hours, for a year long.
My breastfeeding journey hasn’t been a simple one
But without you, I’m so sure my milk would’ve gone.
The little yellow box contains her brilliant straw
And now she, sweetly, goes for it when she wants more.

For the year, surprisingly, I only needed two.
A blissful year seeing my milk, as they’re see-through.
If you have inverted nipples you can still nurse,
These shields made my days better, when I feared the worse.
Her latch was always good and so I thought I’d lost
But I’m so glad I tried these, it was well worth the cost.
She’s taken my immunity, thrived in a year.
To the best yellow box, that made my milk appear.

Mama Grace


This Bard Review is independent. I have received nothing in exchange.


My First Party Bag

My little girl is one and we’ve had a lovely year of singing, reading and walking. We’ve tried to get out and walk each day and our walks have become a big part of our day. We talk (well I do but you can see her taking it all in) and walk and stop frequently to pick flowers or notice something.

 On some of our walks we collected stones and these became the stimulus for a special gift in ‘My First Party Bag’. The stones are worthless but that’s the point, they have been made precious by what they symbolize to us. Having discussed the idea with Lora Leedham, the designer, she suggested that the idea lent itself to keeping the stones as raw and natural as they are. Today we gave them as gifts to the grandmas and aunties, along with a poem and I’m over the moon with them.





Here, to you I give a small stone.

A stone?

A stone. Yes, here, from where I’ve roamed.

This worthless stone is very blessed,

It’s where we walked and took a rest.

Around the world they can be found,

This one, The Land of Origins ground.


So think of me when you touch the ground,

I’m the other side and around.

Around the world I may go

But touch this stone and please know,

I think of you everyday

And that’s the way it shall stay.


Mama Grace



The Silent Partner

My husband is off again and will be away. For me it means doing everything and for him missing out on our daughter. The Silent Partner here happens to be my husband but it could just as easily be me. I love his support and what he does for our family and even though he’s not always here, I want our daughter to understand what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

The Silent Partner

Someone special puts the silent time in,

A rock to this family, the underpin.

Like a mouse they’ll work without being seen

And repeat a travel, work, travel routine.

This may tire them but when they get in,

They hold you and swing you, their boutique gym.

They don’t always see you but they’ll smile,

The thought of you makes everything worthwhile.

Their goal is for your happiness to spread

And be back in time to put you to bed.

Mama Grace


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Little Girl Blue

I’m saddened by the reactions and comments we get if my little girl is in blue or not in a dress. It’s the seed of something deeper and very damaging for me. She does wear dresses but she also wears trousers, tracksuits, jeans, shorts and sometimes nothing at all! Her wardrobe consists of many colours and lots of hand me downs. People say, ‘I have some boys clothes do you mind’? And I don’t because most of the time the only thing that seems to make them boys clothes are because they are blue or green or have a picture of a car or train. I don’t know if she likes any of this or not and at the moment I dress her, so when she chooses, I hope she will take that choice freely and be able to navigate her choices without the restrictions and impressions (including mine) floating around consciously or subconsciously in her head. I wrote this after many, many comments.

Little Girl Blue

I smile watching my little girl blue
And dream of a glass ceiling removed for you
But take a breath and I know it’s up there.
The why’s she not wearing? It all starts here.
The trapped stereotypes engraved in us
But right now I watch you playing in blue, oblivious
The pleasure to be a palette of free;
You’re the artist of what you want to be.

I can’t but watch my little girl blue
And think of the challenges you’ll go through.
Colour is just one thing that blocks you in,
You’ll see many pretty ugly patterns for women.
You’ll have to keep trying to slip out of the mould.
I’m telling you to ignore what you’re told.
In this case it’s not to benefit you.
Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.

Mama Grace

I loved porridge

I love baby led weaning, she loves baby led weaning but (and it’s a small but) a big part of my day is cleaning up after eating. Letting her learn and make mistakes means there’s a lot to clear up, the chair, floor, her and me. I often think it’s helping me to let her make her own mistakes and to develop and she’s definitely not being spoon fed!

I Loved Porridge

I’m so glad you love porridge, I used too,
Now it’s your clay mask, not sure I still do.
Though I love how your eating makes me smile,
Getting it just in your mouth takes a while.

Mama Grace
This was after I told her she’s going to have to have a bath.


At the end of the day it’s all cleanable and she eats so well and can feed herself, so I’m a happy messy mum.


Octopus Arms

Octopus arms, yes, that’s what they call me!
Saving objects in my poor tea
But you know mummy can’t be everywhere,
So please try and take a little care.
I’m, partly, glad that I can save the day,
You see, I know there’s a better way.
You can assess what actions safe to take
And I won’t have to watch for every mistake!

Mama Grace


Retrieved! No actual objects were harmed in this incident and said tea was finished. Plus it’s a Sunday, so husband is home and I got a second cup. I was vigilant with the second!

Achieve your A

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I used to head a school for young people who were outside the school system. Some had special educational needs and some behavioural problems but all had HUGE difficulties engaging with learning. One of the main contributors was the weight of wanting to be seen as good enough in other peoples eyes. This disabled them, so I always said ACHIEVE YOUR A. I won a Jack Petchy award for creating a safe space for young people to flourish and I celebrate that award but most of all I celebrate the success of those young people. 

Achieve your A, it could be a B.
Achieve your A, it could be a G.
All we want is your absolute best,
Then we can only but be impressed.
You’ll know when you’ve reached the peak for you,
Then there’s nothing else you have to do.
But be proud that you met your potential,
What others do is inconsequential.

Mama Grace

Our Easter Hope

Our egg’s so precious, the very thought, it could break,
more than chocolate, decoration or a keepsake.
Growing you, knowing you, I feel what life means,
So when life is taken my heart splits at the seams.
The value of life held on earth like a shell,
In this world, where life’s worth seems to have gone to hell.
Your life, a life, is something rather magical
And my protection for you is fanatical.
Though you’ll see bitter darkness, we will help joy rise
To indulge in chocolate under light brighter skies.

Mama Grace

Safe Dreams

You dreamt you rode a horse and drove a car
But tell me, did you get very far?
Did the spaceship take you up to the moon?
Or did the trip end, when you woke too soon?
Sometimes, we really don’t want dreams to end.
They hang around like our best bedtime friend
And when they’re scary, we want them to go.
So after waking up, It’s good to know,
That dreams happen inside your sleepy head.
When you dream, you’re safely lying in bed.
Dreams are notebooks of imagination.
A harmless journey of fabrication.
What your dreams pen, may scare you for real
But remember you know you should feel
Safe, as even though dreams float in your head,
Actually you’re safely tucked up in your bed.

Mama Grace

Towards your happy

We’re all just trying to do our best
And we’ve all failed, I can attest.
And we get back up, wanting to try
Because, somehow, your gut can’t deny,
That if you were closer to your goal,
To any degree, you’d feel more whole.
A fall, a stumble, enjoy the trip,
It’s part of the journey not a blip.
So let your baby steps move you near,
Towards your happy. Go! Without fear.

Mama Grace