I loved porridge

I love baby led weaning, she loves baby led weaning but (and it’s a small but) a big part of my day is cleaning up after eating. Letting her learn and make mistakes means there’s a lot to clear up, the chair, floor, her and me. I often think it’s helping me to let her make her own mistakes and to develop and she’s definitely not being spoon fed!

I Loved Porridge

I’m so glad you love porridge, I used too,
Now it’s your clay mask, not sure I still do.
Though I love how your eating makes me smile,
Getting it just in your mouth takes a while.

Mama Grace
This was after I told her she’s going to have to have a bath.


At the end of the day it’s all cleanable and she eats so well and can feed herself, so I’m a happy messy mum.