Octopus Arms

Octopus arms, yes, that’s what they call me!
Saving objects in my poor tea
But you know mummy can’t be everywhere,
So please try and take a little care.
I’m, partly, glad that I can save the day,
You see, I know there’s a better way.
You can assess what actions safe to take
And I won’t have to watch for every mistake!

Mama Grace


Retrieved! No actual objects were harmed in this incident and said tea was finished. Plus it’s a Sunday, so husband is home and I got a second cup. I was vigilant with the second!

Leave the leads

The lion has a tail, you wouldn’t play with that!
He’d turnaround and see a ‘purrfect’ meal for a cat.
The mouse has a tail, no you wouldn’t pull at that!
He’d turnaround and nip you, thinking you were a cat.

These leads are like tails, you don’t know what they’ll do,
It’s important that you don’t touch, as they could harm you.
Leads are best left alone and I promise if you do,
You’ll be safe in the knowledge, that the end can’t hurt you.

Mama Grace

The Power of Poetry and Song

The power of poetry and song is amazing. As an adult I take in music and its lyrics and there’s such a pay off. The power from a song or a poem is profound.

I was playing Bob Marley and then Roddy Woomble one morning and my daughters rhythm changed between the artists and even between the songs. I wasn’t so much surprised, rather reminded how I could use this. Once you acknowledge we stimulate our emotions in the direction we want them to go, by what we view or listen to and poems and songs can be a big part of this, then I believe we can use this to our advantage.

I still remember rhymes like ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ because of the rhythm and other songs because of the rhyme and who doesn’t remember how to sing ABC?

So I began to change the mood with songs when I needed to. This one I use when I do up her straps in her high chair and car seat.

(To the tune of Frère Jacques)

Do your straps up
Do your straps up
Keep you safe
Keep you safe
Nothing matters more
Nothing matters more
Than our Grace