For when you learn to love time in the air.

Flying somewhere, it could be so much fun.
Except when you’ve got kids and you’re a mum.
I’d watch a movie and let time fly by
But I’ve no chance, I try, until you cry.

I’m not selfish, there’s nothing I can do,
We’re stuck in a floating room with a loo.
They serve food and drinks, and try to entertain
But for safety, in your seat you must remain.

I used to glide along to my own happy song,
Now I’m juggling objects to find what’s wrong.
Take off and landing, your ears don’t understand.
Flying solo, I’m a boat going down, unmanned.

It can be fun staying in one small space;
I long for a book or film to embrace.
But this seems a long distance love affair,
For when you learn to love time in the air.

Mama Grace